Photonics is the science where information processing including the generation, transmission and detection is carried out by means of photons. Lasers and light emitting diodes are used for the generation of the light, modulators and filters process the data while propagating through dielectric waveguides and fiber optics. The journey ends up with the detection of photons by detectors. Photonics is an interdisciplinary field. The merge of photonics with the electronics is called opto-electronics. Similarly, acousto-optics is the interaction of the photons with the sound waves. Lasers find wide range of applications varying from life sciences to industrial applications.

Nanophotonics, biophotonics, quantum optics and metamaterials are some examples of the fields dealing with the photonics research. We can see the role of the photonics in different areas including communication, imaging, spectroscopy, lighting, energy, displays, life sciences, and safety. The unique feature of the photonics is the large bandwidth capacity of the information processing at the speed of light.

While conventionally designed photonic structures have contributed to the development the photonic fields, the recently introduced concepts based on Metaphotonics (inverse designed complex nanophotonics known as meta-structures) hold great potential to explore and investigate new physics and applications. Some of them are silicon photonics, photonic neural network, inverse design, programmable photonics, metasurfaces, and photovoltaics.

MetaPhotonics Research Group at KAIST EE consists of researchers from different disciplines and background including electrical and electronics engineering, physics, applied physics. Our research is supported by KAIST, NRF (National Research Foundation of Korea), and ADD (Agency for Defense Development).

We are a very productive, rewarding and motivated research group. The office and lab space are located in E3-2 Building.

If you want to be a member of the MetaPhotonics Research Group, feel free to contact us at hamzakurt@kaist.ac.kr.